Journal Club Meeting January 13, 2015

Location:  Dental Sciences Building, Room D7-11


I want to let everyone know that after a Holiday break we are back on schedule with our next meeting of the Pain Journal Club scheduled from 11:30-1:00pm.    

 Based on recent societal data for six major chronic conditions including heart disease, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, Alzheimer’s, and cancer it was revealed that chronic pain leads the list in terms of being the most prevalent, disabling, and expensive public health condition in the United States. In spite of this the 2012 budget at NIH for pain research represented only 1.2% of annual expenditures. In response to what has become a major challenge to the pain research community a Pain Research Agenda for the 21st Century has been proposed (see attached). The agenda consists of 5 goals representing important outcomes that need to be achieved in order to advance pain treatment. Along with the proposed agenda there are a number of potential barriers that must be overcome (see attached). Are there additional goals and barriers that should be considered and what is the best strategy for ensuring the Pain Agenda gets implemented? Interesting questions that will be discussed at our next meeting.

An interesting exercise as we start the New Year is to reflect on the top stories of the past year. In the field of pain research the editors of the Pain Research Forum have compiled a list of news stories and papers representing the biggest attention grabbers of 2014 (see attached). Do you agree that they got it right or are there other stories that were at the top of your list?

In the next journal club we will start the year by discussing the future research agenda in pain research as well as the top pain stories of 2014.

I want to remind everyone that pain journal club is a great educational opportunity that provides something for all who attend. I encourage all students, trainees and faculty to attend and present papers in their area of interest. I guarantee you that no matter what the topic there will always be an interesting discussion……so join us for what promises to be another great year with a little something for everyone.

As in the past journal club will be held the second and fourth Tuesday of every month so mark your calendars!

Please circulate to those you think might be interested in these topics!!

Hope to see everyone next week!!

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