Journal Club Meeting April 14, 2015


The next meeting of Pain Journal Club is scheduled for Tuesday April 14th (D7-11; 11:30-1:00).

Cancer pain is a common yet often overlooked aspect of cancer management, partly due to the focus of cancer removal/treatment. The mechanisms underlying this pain are unclear and further complicated by the multiple modalities used to treat cancer, including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. Additionally, the psychological and physical factors associated with cancer and its treatments may also negatively impact the pain experience in these patients. In this journal club we will examine the multi-factorial aspects of cancer pain and implications for the management of this condition. The attached articles create a good platform for what should be an interesting discussion that will be led by Dr. Meryl Alappattu.

I want to remind everyone that pain journal club is a great educational opportunity that provides something for all who attend. I encourage all students, trainees and faculty to attend and present papers in their area of interest. I guarantee you that no matter what the topic there will always be an interesting discussion.

Please circulate to those you think might be interested in this topic!!

Hope to see everyone next week!!

Schreiber 2013 persistent post mastectomy pain
Delaney 2008 cancer pain mechanisms