Join the new US Association for Study of Pain

PRICE is honored to see many of our UF Pain Members be part of the 41 individuals that formed the United States Association for Study of Pain (USASP). This new initiative represents scientists nationwide who collaboratively research, diagnose, and treat pain in the United States.

The goal of the US ASP is to bring together diverse perspectives on pain science to directly improve the lives of people with pain

Congratulations to PRICE affiliates and leaders!

  1. Dr. Staja “Star” Booker– Board of Director member, member of the Nursing/Early Career Primary Group, & Organizational Structure Working Group
  2. Dr. Roger Fillingim– Member of the Geriatric Primary Group, & Organizational Structure Working Group
  3. Dr. Emily Bartley– Member of First Annual Meeting Committee, Psychosocial Primary Group & Journal of Pain Working Group
  4. Dr. Shreela Palit- Member of First Annual Meeting Committee, Early Career Primary Group & Journal of Pain Working Group
  5. Dr. Margarete Ribeiro Dasilva– Member of Dentistry Primary Group

From The USASP:

Approximately one year ago, a small group started discussions about professional societies available for US-based pain researchers.  Many hours and Zoom conferences later, the USASP was formed.  We are thankful for the input, encouragement, and support provided by so many of you, as well as for the time so many of you took to complete the survey we distributed late last year to assess the needs of the pain research community.  You told us what was important to you:

  • a multi-disciplinary society dedicated to the study of pain
  • a scientific meeting
  • networking opportunities
  • a journal for publishing your work
  • early career programming and opportunities

The USASP, a 501(c)(3) corporation was formed to address these needs. Our new website is USASP.ORG and you will find there information about our mission, history, leadership, and new Bylaws. As well as how to join!

Along the way, and with more of your help, we managed to purchase The Journal of Pain.   If you have not yet heard, the journal portal is once again open for business and accepting your best work. 

In upcoming months we will be holding an annual meeting (virtually, of course), supporting the continued growth of The Journal of Pain, developing early career programming and other networking opportunities, and creating Special Interest Groups.  Once we become established, we will develop a plan for national advocacy for expanded pain research. 

We are finally ready to accept members! Based on your input, the membership fee structure is tied to personal income and includes special status for trainees.  We plan to remain lean, focus on member needs and interests, and maintain transparency in our governance and sources of financial support.  We have gotten this far through the generous contributions from numerous donors and volunteers and none of this would have happened without these many individuals.  It is time to expand our work and for this we need members.   Please join now!  And consider a donation, as there are many start-up expenses for us to navigate.