Facebook Fridays- February 1st-5th

Monday, February 1:  News Articles

Chronic pain and psychosocial stress can have huge impacts on the body. Studies have shown that non-Hispanic Black individuals report higher levels of pain compared to non-Hispanic White counterparts. New research published in Alzheimer’s & Dementia sheds light on the impact that psychosocial stress associated with racism has on the brain. https://www.inverse.com/mi…/effect-of-racism-on-brains-study

Wednesday, February 3: Accomplishment

Congratulations to Dr. Dottington Fullwood for receiving a diversity supplement from JAX-ASCENT! His research aims to help older adult minorities by assessing multidimensional factors that influence the onset and/or consequences of low back pain and mobility through the use of a mobile health platform. We are proud of your accomplishments, Dr. Fullwood!


Friday, February 5: Spotlight

Our PRICE spotlight this week is Maria Lakdawala – an undergraduate research volunteer in Dr. Bartley’s ASPIRE Lab, where the lab’s research is focused on promoting resilience in older adults with chronic pain. Over the past year, Maria has gained significant interest in pain research since receiving hands-on training and mentoring, and her experiences have been very eye-opening and highlighted how impactful research can be. Currently, Maria is pursuing her Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology and Cell Sciences with a double minor in Health Sciences and Economics. After graduation, Maria plans to attend medical school to pursue a Doctor of Medicine degree. In her spare time, Maria loves to read new novels and finds that reading allows her to take a break from an otherwise busy life.