Facebook Fridays- February 22nd-26th

Monday, February 22:  News Articles

Image source: AAMC.ORG

Research conducted through PRICE has shown that early life events and stressors (such as perceived discrimination) can have a significant impact on chronic pain later in life. Not only are there significant differences by ethnic/race groups in access to quality care, health insurance, and prescription rates, but there are also disparities in the treatment they receive. For example, in a study conducted on first- and second-year medical students, 40% endorsed the belief that black people’s skin is thicker than white people’s skin. Learn more about this study and others here, including ways to provide more equitable treatment of pain:


Wednesday, February 17: Accomplishment 

Dr. Calia Morais recently presented a symposium, Toward a Consensus on Guiding Principles for Anti-Racist Pain Research at the inaugural conference of the United States Association for the Study of Pain (USASP). Thirty-one experts in pain disparities/equity research participated in a group reflection on their collective work and discussed areas for advancement. The goal was to develop a consensus on guiding principles for the conceptualization and dissemination of anti-racist pain research that can be applied by the broader pain research community. We are proud of Dr. Morais’s work and efforts to bring about change in pain research that better serves individuals of underrepresented groups.

Friday, February 26: Spotlight

Meet Ruben Botello Escalante, one of our PRICE volunteers working with Dr. Yenisel Cruz-Almeida where they are studying how oxytocin may impact knee pain in the UCOPE study and the effect of chronic pain on sleep and the brain in the LAMPS study. Ruben joined the team to learn more about bringing innovative treatment to those dealing with chronic pain, especially in older adults. His future goals are to pursue a career in dentistry at the University of Florida and give his time to those in need locally and internationally. In his free time Ruben enjoys spending time with my family and friends, going to youth group and Church, eating at restaurants, watching movies and shows, and just having a good time.