Facebook Fridays- March 1st-March 5th

Monday, March 1:  News Articles

Consequences of the opioid pandemic run deeper than we realize, suggests data collected from across nine states. Researchers from the University of Michigan called 452 clinics as “secret shoppers,” claiming to be in need of a new primary care physician. Nearly half of the time, they have turned away after requesting an opioid prescription for pain…even though all of the clinics first claimed to be accepting new patients. This study sheds light on the stigma against patients on long-term opioids for non-cancer pain and further underscores barriers to the treatment of pain and opioid addiction alike.


Wednesday, March 3: Accomplishment 

Congratulations to Drs. Star Booker, Keesha Roach, and Ellen Terry for their leadership and contributions to enhancing diversity in research and addressing racial disparities in pain. Their commitment to advancing healthcare was highlighted in a recent article by the College of Nursing. We are honored to have you as PRICE faculty!


Friday, March 5: Spotlight

Meet Sophia McCray, one of our PRICE team members working with Dr. Yenisel Cruz-Almeida. Sophia joined the team as a sophomore in college to become involved in geriatric medicine and transform our aging population through research. Her future goal is to become a Physician Assistant specializing in the field of Geriatric Medicine and to help older adults in her community and in the nation by enabling them to live longer and healthier lives. In her free time, Sophia enjoys exploring Gainesville’s many nature trails with her fur-baby Layla.