Study Name: Sleep, Pain, and Aging: Potential Underlying Mechanisms (LAMPS study)

Purpose of the study

This project examines the effect of oral GABA administration on sleep quality and chronic pain in older adults with poor sleep quality and severe pain.

Who is eligible?

Older adults over 65 years who have a smartphone and experienced pain of at least moderate intensity on more days than not during the past three months and who also reported poor sleep quality.

What will happen if I participate?

You will be asked to complete a series of questionnaires related to sleep and pain. You will also participate in a battery of sensory testing and participate in a brain MRI session. At home, you will take GABA and complete weekly check-ins with the study team. You will wear an OURA ring to monitor your sleep during the entire study. There will be several visits to UF’s campus that will last approximately 2-2.5 hours each. Compensation and free parking will be provided.

Contact Information

Please contact the team at 352-294-8582

Research Team

Principal Investigator: Yenisel Cruz-Almedia Ph.D., MSPH, and Soamy Montesino-Goicolea, MD
Study Coordinator: Ben Griffith