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Monday, April 26:  News Articles

This year, the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) is focusing on Back Pain with the goal to guide and support clinicians, scientists and the public on the nature of back pain and available treatments. To better understand back pain, below are a few common myths. 1. Persistent back pain can be scary, but it is rarely dangerous. 2. Getting older is not a cause of back pain. 3. Persistent back pain is rarely associated with serious tissue damage. 4. Scans rarely show the cause of back pain. 5. Pain with exercise and movement does not mean you are doing harm. 6. Back pain is not caused by poor posture. 7. Back pain is not caused by “a weak core”. 8. Backs do not wear out with everyday loading and bending. 9. Pain flare-ups do not mean you are damaging yourself. 10. Injections, surgery and strong drugs usually aren’t a cure.

Back Pain Fact Sheet