Facebook Fridays- September 13th to September 17th

Monday September 13th: Article

A recent study analyzing pain maps (diagrams of the human body patients can use to show the areas where they had pain) suggests that distinct groups characterized by different patterns of pain distributions in the body (e.g. primarily neck and shoulder pain) differ on various measures of pain intensity, physical function, mood, and sleep quality. The group also found that pain distribution groups are also predictive of potential for improvement 3 months later.


Friday September 17th: Spotlight

Meredith Berry is Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Education & Behavior. Dr. Berry’s research focuses on substance use disorders and addiction, and associated detrimental experiences and behaviors (e.g., pain that leads to opioid use). Her research aims to develop new treatments to alleviate harmful consequences of drug use and improve pain management and mental health among individuals with substance use disorders. Dr. Berry was moved to research while working with people who use substances for various purposes, including pain management and wanting to find better ways for people to deal with pain. She hopes to continue to establish her lab, help her students, and to eventually contribute important literature on substance use and pain, perhaps making a scientific discovery along the way. When she’s not working or worrying about the impending climate crisis, Dr. Berry enjoys pugs, hikes, naps, spending time with her loved ones and marveling at Florida’s unique ecosystem.