Facebook Fridays- October 25th to October 29th

Monday October 25th: Article

Chronic pain can range from mild to debilitating, affecting mood and quality of life. The U.S pain foundation offers support groups to connect you a network of information in your area. To find out more visit: https://painconnection.org/?fbclid=IwAR3JHL5PAS4vdR3fSvsUZ8fHxr0ckz092HFoll4fJ3_PO1l_9-xHUUMB-Pk

Friday October 29th: Spotlight

This week we welcome postdoc Dr. Folly Patterson from Mississippi State University. Working under mentors Dr. Kyle Allen and Dr. Blanka Sharma, her main project is developing an intra-articular particle drug delivery system for knee osteoarthritis with the goal of testing the ability of this system to reduce pain and joint inflammation and improve joint function using small animal models. Folly‚Äôs interest in pain research came from her doctoral research experience where she studied pain and inflammation from repeated whole-body vibration exposure in an animal model. In the future, she would like to work in a biomedical research laboratory spending most of her time at the lab bench running experiments and mentoring the next generation of scientists. In her free time, you will find Folly hiking in Florida’s state parks and identifying wildlife, cross-stitching, and listening to horror podcasts. Welcome Folly!