Data Blitz Highlights

Special thanks to all our presenters at the PRICE Data Blitz! In case you missed it here are our presenters and their amazing research!

Hongwu Wang, PhD – Assistant Professor Director, Technology for Occupational Performance Lab, Department of Occupational Therapy, College of Public Health and Health Professions

Presentation Title: Wearable focal vibration for pain and mobility in patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy
Summary: Dr. Hongwu Wang, PhD is a biomedical engineer and rehabilitation scientist, working to develop technological approaches to address issues in mobility, well-being and quality of life in older adults with disabilities. He presented his study on the impact of a wearable focal vibration device to improve mobility in individuals with peripheral neuropathy.

Brittany L. Taylor, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor, J. Crayton Pruitt Family Department of Biomedical Engineering, Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering

Presentation Title: Strategies to Mitigate Tendon Inflammation and Pain
Summary: Dr. Brittany Taylor, PhD investigates the regenerative and reparative processes of musculoskeletal tissues to inform the development of tailored acellular regenerative engineering approaches. She presented her research on the localized delivery of ibuprofen in the supraspinatus tendon located on the back of the shoulder in a rat model to reduce inflammation and improve regeneration of tendon tissue.

Angela Starkweather, PhD, ACNP-BC, FAANP, FAAN – Professor & Assistant Dean For Research Development, Biobehavioral Nursing Science, College of Nursing

Presentation Title: Interventions Targeting the Acute to Chronic Pain Trajectorydon Inflammation and Pain
Summary: Dr. Angela Starkweather, PhD research focuses on identifying the factors that contribute to the transition of acute to chronic pain. She presented her research on the genomic differences between individuals with acute pain who transition to chronic pain compared to individuals with acute pain and who do not develop chronic pain.