This Week At PRICE (May 1st to May 5th)


New Publication in PRT

Dr. Mark Lumley, distinguished professor of the department of psychology at Wayne State University, who spoke at PRICE concerning the treatment of chronic pain this past March, recently had an article published in The Journal of Pain: Official Journal of the American Pain Society.

In their article, “I don’t have chronic back pain anymore”: Patient experiences in Pain Reprocessing Therapy for chronic back pain.’ Dr. Lumley, lead and senior authors, Hallie Tankha and Yoni Ashar and other researchers around the country, reported both eliminations as well as near eliminations in patients suffering from chronic back pain in a randomized trial.

Read the article here!


Dr. Fillingim to be Featured in Upcoming Textbook

PRICE’s Roger Fillingim will appear as an author in the upcoming 4th edition of Principles of Gender-Specific Medicine. The full textbook seeks to trace the relevance of biological sex to normal function and to the experience of disease in humans in the genomic era.

Fillingim will feature in chapter 49 covering the topics of Sex, Gender and Pain.


Javier Tamargo Leads the Pain and Aging Journal Club for May 2023

In what was the final Pain and Aging Journal Club before the summer begins, Javier Tamargo led the discussion on the article “The Inflammatory Potential of Diet and Pain Incidence: A Cohort Study in Older Adults.”