This Week At PRICE (May 8th to May 12th)

Strath Receives Grant


PRICE’s Larissa Strath has received a 5-year K99/R00 grant from the National Institute on Aging for approximately $1.3M.  The grant, Pain and Nutrition in Dementia and Alzheimer’s (PANDA), will explore nutriepigenetic mechanisms connecting chronic pain and cognitive decline in older adults with knee pain.

Aaron Mickle Speaks on Pelvic Pain


Chronic pelvic pain is a broad and highly variable condition that encompasses both organ-centric and systemic disease. Currently, about 14% to 32% of women worldwide are affected by it.

This past week, the American Urological Association held its annual event in Chicago, IL. Aaron D. Mickle, PhD;, an Assistant Professor at the University of Florida, was one of the key speakers at the event, discussing new approaches being taken in treating as well as understanding chronic pelvic pain.

Read what he had to say here!