This Week At PRICE (June 5th to June 9th)

Sibille and Bartley Speak at NIH

On June 6-7, 2023 the National Institutes of Health (NIH) hosted the 18th Annual Pain Consortium symposium, featuring NIH-supported researchers whose work has contributed to pain science. At this year’s symposium, Advances in Pain Research: Resilience and Pathways to Recovery, Drs. Emily Bartley and Kimberly Sibille were key speakers who shared their work on resilience and chronic pain, as well as future directives toward whole-person health. The NIH Pain Consortium convened in Bethesda, MD and hosted attendees from across the nation in order to increase cross-discipline collaboration and bring awareness to the importance of examining resilience in chronic pain.

We look forward to what new breakthroughs they, as well as fellow researchers both within and outside of PRICE, will make as they continue to forward our understanding of both chronic pain as well as its characteristics and treatment.