This Week At PRICE (July 10th to July 14th)

New Publication Around The Evidence-Practice Gap


How do treatment decisions differ between countries?  Would the treatment methods used by dentists in Brazil differ from those on a different continent and are those decisions based on the most current evidence-based recommendations? 

In ‘Evidence-Practice Gap in Treatment Recommendations for Proximal Caries Among Brazilian Dentists’, Dr. Joseph L. Riley, alongside experts and researchers from around the globe, endeavored to explore these questions. 

The cross sectional-study focused on proximal carious lesions and methods used to treat them.  Using questionnaires and radiographic images depicting the lesions among postgraduates as well as dental students, it was found that an opportunity exists within the practice and recommended a global strategy focused on closing a substantial evidence-practice gap. 

The study was published in RGO (Revista Guacha de Odontologia) and can be found here