This Week At PRICE (July 24th to July 28th)

New Review in Gender Affirming Care


PRICE affiliates, Mark Bishop and Meryl Alappattu worked alongside UF Librarian Jane Morgan-Daniel in the article, ‘Pain and Dysfunction Reported after Gender-Affirming Surgery: A Scoping Review’ which was recently published in Physical Therapy. 

Eighty-seven articles discussing feminizing procedures, as well as thirty-one papers discussing masculinizing interventions were reviewed by the researchers with the goal of identifying rates of pain and dysfunction after surgical procedures. 

What was found within all of the articles published however, was an alarming lack of coverage on pain and dysfunction after gender-affirming surgeries as well as the involvement of physical therapists during the recovery from said surgery.  An opportunity exists to improve upon current and future studies, both for patient experience, as well as to give a larger role to physical therapists who play a key position in post-surgical recovery. 

The scoping review can be found here