This Week At PRICE (July 31st to August 4th)

New Article on Brain-Predicted Age Difference


Brain-predicted age differences are calculated by finding the difference between chronological age and brain age, which is estimated using neuroimaging data. Though findings tend to show higher results from individuals who live with chronic pain, articles exist arguing the opposite.

In “Brain-predicted age difference estimated using DeepBrainNet is significantly associated with pain and function-a multi-institutional and multiscanner study,” Dr. Pedro Valdes Hernandez, alongside members of PRICE and Dr. Cruz-Almeida’s lab, sought to settle the controversial debate and provide insight into the reasoning behind the different results.

Using DeepBrainNet, a network that estimates brain age predicted differences, the researchers tested a large sample size of individuals varying in age diversity primarily in chronic low back as well as osteoarthritis pain. They found that chronic low back pain didn’t show significant differences, while osteoarthritis was 3 to 4.7 years higher, no matter the age of the participant.

The study has been published in PAIN and can be found here!