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Emerging Research on Opioid Use


When it comes to pain management, the topic of opioids is often contentious, and risks of overdose, depression and abuse exist alongside the benefits when they’re prescribed as treatment for chronic pain. Risk assessment is an ongoing effort as trends in prescriptions heighten and lower for older adults living with chronic pain.

In, ‘A pilot study to identify pharmacogenomic and clinical risk factors associated with opioid related falls and adverse effects in older adults’, Roger Fillingim and Larisa Cavallari worked alongside researchers from The University of Florida in an observational study of 44 participants to measure whether or not pain interference could predict opioid-related falls or serious adverse effects within patients perscribed with opioids for acute pain.

Their article has been published in Clinical and Translational Science and can be found here

Affiliate Receives Award


Each year, the Ayman El-Mohandes Young Professional Public Health Innovation award is granted to public health professionals, aged 40 or younger, who are using innovative solutions to address a complex public health issue and is making a significant, innovative contribution to the public health field.

This year, Yan Wang, an assistant professor and affiliate of PRICE, was the recipient of the 2023 Ayman El-Mohandes Young Professional Public Health Innovation Award for her groundbreaking work in mobile health, which focused on cannabis and alcohol use.