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New Research in Cancer Pain


The CYP2D6 enzyme catalyzes the metabolism of a large number of clinically important drugs including antidepressants and opioids which are commonly prescribed for cancer-related pain.

In, ‘CYP2D6-guided Opioid Therapy for Adults with Cancer Pain: A Randomized Implementation Clinical Trial’, Roger Fillingim, alongside Larisa Cavallari and researchers from the University of Florida and beyond, evaluated the feasibility of CYP2D6 implementation for patients with cancer.

The article of their trials and subsequent findings has been published in Pharmacotherapy.


The article can be found here!

A Call to Action in Racial Inequity in Pain


Pain among black adults and other racial minoritized populations are often mischaracterized due to biases and misconceptions. Too often does this lead to inequitable pain care for individuals and disparities in terms of pain outcomes.

In, ‘A Progressive Agenda Toward Equity in Pain Care’, Star Booker, alongside co-authors, Tamara Baker and Mary Janevic, put forward a call to action within all sectors of pain research, practice, policy, education and advocacy in terms of racial inequities within the study and understanding of pain and highlighted the overall need for reform within the field as a whole.

Their article has been published in Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine.


Follow the link here to view the article!