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Preprint on Musculoskeletal Pain


It is understood that ethnic/race groups are disproportionately affected by chronic pain conditions. In terms of chronic musculoskeletal pain, this is no exception. When considering individual patients through a scope of socioenvironmental factors however, the disparities become less apparent.

In, ‘Environmental and sociocultural factors are associated with pain-related brain structure among diverse individuals with chronic musculoskeletal pain’, 13 co-authors, including Jared Tanner, Angela Mickle, Ellen Terry, Roland Staud, Catherine Price, Roger Fillingim and Kimberly Sibille investigated whether environmental and sociocultural conditions contributed to structural differences in pain-related brain regions.

Their research has been released as a preprint and can be located here

Larissa Strath Leads Pain and Aging Journal Club


This month’s Pain and Aging Journal Club saw a last minute change in presenter and discussion. Larissa Strath covered Proinflammatory Dietary Intake Relates to Pain Sensitivity In Chronic Non-Specific Chronic Low Back Pain: A Case Control Study.

What affect does diet have on pain sensitivity? How does it play into oxidative stress? What are FODMAPS?? (fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols)

A huge thank you to Larissa Strath as well as all in-person and virtual attendees who took part in the lively post presentation discussion!

The original article can be viewed here

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