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Study in Chronic Life Stressors


Chronic life stressors tend to include standard daily hassles of life such as marital arguments, financial difficulties and even frustrating traffic jams. How do chronic life stressors affect middle aged and older adults and what influence do they have on the chronic pain burden overall? Do the results differ drastically when looking through the scope of race or ethnic identity?

In the article, ‘More Problems, More Pain: The Role of Chronic Life Stressors and Racial/Ethnic Identity on Chronic Pain Among Middle-Aged and Older Adults in the United States’, which was recently published in Chronic Stress, Yenisel Cruz-Almeida and Roger Fillingim worked alongside researches from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, including Antoinette Spector, to identify just that!

Building off of a previous study from 2018, chronic life stressors were characterized and measured by racial/ethnic identity to evaluate the relationships between chronic life stressors, racial/ethnic identify and the odds of experiencing any chronic or high-impact chronic pain. Results showed the impact of chronic life stressors and subsequent burden on middle-aged and older adults across the country!

The article can be found here!