This Week At PRICE

Review on Chronic Pain and Cognitive Performance

In a recent review co-authored by Star Booker alongside Ann Horgas and Jianli Wu, the relationship between chronic pain and cognitive performance, subjective cognitive decline and dementia was investigated. The review served to ensure current research and recent findings were being taken into account as well as a new, international classification system that highlights the complexity of chronic pain syndromes. The team also delved heavily into the effectiveness of medical cannabis and music therapy as treatments for chronic pain.

Their article, ‘Pain Management for Older Adults Across the Cognitive Trajectory’, has been published in Current Geriatrics Reports and can be found here!

New Study Highlight


The Pain Research and Intervention Center of Excellence recruits from and interacts with diverse areas of expertise within the University of Florida. At the Department of Epidemiology, principal investigator Yan Wang works with her team to research the effects of medical marijuana on pain, emotional and physical functioning, quality of life and aging over a long term.

SMILE (Study on Medical Marijuana and its Long-Term Effects in Older Adults) aims to investigate the health outcomes in older adults with chronic pain by assessing the changes in pain, emotional and physical functioning, quality of life, and aging in those seeking medical marijuana to manage pain as well as those using other methods of pain management, and is currently seeking new participants!

Head over to the official site of the study to learn more about participating and the study!