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Article on Brain-Predicted Age Differences and Knee-Osteoarthritis


In their new article, “Accelerated Brain Age Mediates the Association Between Psychological Profiles And Clinical Pain in Knee Osteoarthritis’, Yenisel Cruz-Almeida, Roger Fillingim, Pedro Valdes-Hernandez, Soamy Montesino-Goicolea, Chavier Laffitte Nodarse and Alisa Johnson, alongside Vishnu Bashyam and Christos Davatzikos from the University of Pennsylvania, sought to better understand the association between brain-age, knee osteoarthritis and pain severity.

The team examined psychological profiles in participants with chronic knee pain and how brain-predicted age differences changed over time. The result highlighted the integral role brain-predicted age differences plays in the relationship between psychological function and pain as well as the impact of psychological characteristics on health outcomes.

The article has been published in the Journal of Pain and can be found here!

New Published Article on Massage Therapy


Musculoskeletal pain and chronic pain conditions are associated with stress, anxiety and overall quality of life. Does massage therapy play any role in alleviating an individual of symptoms associated with chronic pain?

In ‘Massage Therapy as a Self-Management Strategy for Musculoskeletal Pain and Chronic Conditions: A Systematic Review of Feasibility and Scope’ researchers across the country, including Alisa Johnson investigated the effects of massage therapy as self-management on musculoskeletal and chronic conditions and the characteristics of dosage, setting and adherence for formulating themes.

The findings overall supported massage therapy as self-management as a viable and effective approach to enhance the benefits of therapist-applied massage and symptom management.

The article has been published in the Journal of Integrative and Complementary Medicine and can be located here!