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Newly Published Article on Bilateral Temporal Lobe Thickness


Bilateral temporal lobes are areas of the brain associated with risk of Alzheimer’s disease relating to dementia. In a previous study, it was found that differences in bilateral temporal lobe thickness existed within ethnic/race groups, leading to higher risks of dementias.

In the newest published study, ‘Greater Socioenvironmental Risk Factors and Higher Chronic Pain Stage are Associated with Thinner Bilateral Temporal Lobes’, over 19 co-authors, including Jared Tanner, Angela Mickle, Roland Staud, Roger Fillingim and Kimberly Sibille, sought to determine if socioenvironmental factors reduce or account for previously observed ethnic/race group differences as well as the effect of chronic pain severity and socioenvironmental risk on temporal lobe cortices. It was found that socioenvironmental risk factors and higher chronic pain severity was associated with thinner bilateral temporal lobes.

The article has been published in Brain and Behavior, follow the link to learn more about the study!