This Week At PRICE

New Article on Food Insecurity and Chronic Pain


Food insecurity is the overall ability of food in a country and the ability of the individuals within that country to access, afford and source adequate foodstuff. Does food insecurity have any effect on chronic pain and high-impact chronic pain?

In the recent article, ‘Food Insecurity is Associated with Chronic Pain and High-Impact Chronic Pain in the United States’, researchers at PRICE sought to find just how much of an impact food insecurity can have on individuals suffering from chronic pain and illustrate the impact of socioeconomic factors on chronic pain.

The article has been published in Public Health Nutrition and can be located here!

A Secondary Analysis on Pain and Impact


In a secondary analysis, Roger Fillingim, Yenisel Cruz-Almeida, Jennifer A. Nichols and Tamara Ordonez Diaz compared the effects of knee osteoarthritis pain on large and small joints in community-dwelling adults with a focus on prevention and treatment of OA progression.

The team conducted their research with assistance from 434 individuals from communities in Gainesville, FL as well as Birmingham, AL who provided measurements on pain tolerance as well as sensory and physical tests. The results supported a relationship between the number of painful joints and enhanced widespread pain sensitivity.

Their article, ‘A Secondary Analysis: Comparison of Experimental Pain and Psychological Impact in Individuals with Carpometacarpal and Knee Osteoarthritis’, has been published in the Journal or Pain Research!

The article can be found here!