This Week At PRICE

Pilot Study Investigates Knee Osteoarthritis


When it comes to understanding knee osteoarthritis, recent research has suggested that muscle quality may underlie the symptoms of the disability, though the role of muscle quality on functional outcomes in persons with knee osteoarthritis remains unknown.

Researchers at UF PRICE conducted a pilot study to examine biomarkers of muscle quality among adults who met the clinical criteria for symptomatic knee osteoarthritis including echo intensity, and the associations between muscle quality and physical performance.

Their findings showed that muscle quality could potentially be a potent treatment target for disability prevention!

The study, ‘Myogenic Contributors to Physical Function in Older Adults with Symptomatic Knee Osteoarthritis’ has been published in Innovation in Aging and can be viewed here!

New Publication on Gray Matter


In a recent article published in Innovation in Aging, Ania Lipat, David Clark and Yenisel Cruz-Almeida investigated the association gray matter has with chronic pain and the conditions that happen alongside it, such as depression, anxiety and slow gait speed.

In ‘Gray Matter Correlates of Anxiety, Depression, and Gait Speed in Older Adults with Chronic Pain’, 31 participants measured gait speed, anxiety inventory, depression scale amount as well as an MRI anatomical scan to find that anxiety and depression symptoms do contribute to gait slowing in older adults with chronic pain but without clinical depression or anxiety.

Congratulations and check out the article here!