This Week At PRICE

Fillingim Appointed Associate Dean


PRICE director Roger Fillingim has been appointed the new associate dean role for the UF College of Dentistry, the associate dean of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness!

The new administrative role focuses on assessment, evaluation of outcomes, strategic planning, data-informed decision-making, and continuous improvement. He will work closely with the college’s dean and leadership from all offices, departments and centers in the college to approach strategic planning and decision-making from a broad perspective.

Learn more here and congratulations!

Publication on Pain Reactivity Associated with Risk and Resilience


Ever wondered how our bodies react to pain and why some people seem more resilient to it than others?

The latest study, “Examining reactivity and recovery patterns of pain-evoked cortisol and alpha-amylase trajectories: Relations between psychological markers of risk and resilience,” dives deep into this intriguing topic!

Researchers from UF; Emily Bartley, Ellen Terry, Lingsong Meng and Zhiguang Huo, induced controlled pain to measure cortisol and alpha-amylase, chemicals linked to stress. The study showed that these chemicals follow a pattern during and after experiencing pain and that some individuals respond differently towards stress and pain, identifying markers of both risk (stress) and resilience (how one handles that stress)!

The article has been published in The Journal of Pain!


Fillingim Speaks at 25th Anniversary Blitz

This past Friday, Roger Fillingim, alongside 11 center directors, delivered a presentation at the McKnight Brain Institute of the University of Florida for their “We Didn’t Even Know: Reflections on 25 Years of Progress in Brain Research Blitz.”

Fillingim’s presentation focused on the brain as a target for brain treatment. Check out his alongside other presentations for an in-depth look at progress being made in the field of brain research here!