This Week At PRICE

New Publication Examines Overall Health and the Chronic Pain Experience


In a new article recently published in Brain, Behavior & Immunity – Health, Angela Mickle, Jared Tanner, Cynthia Garvan, Song Lai, Rene Przkora, Roland Staud, Catherine Price, Roger Fillingim, Kimberly Sibille alongside researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, focused on understanding why people experience chronic pain differently and how those differences relate to overall health.

The article, “Disentangling factors contributing to individual differences and health disparities in chronic pain and whole person health with measures of allostatic load” looks at biological, psychological and social factors and how these can lead to a chronic pain variability. The approach is at whole person health and takes into account emotional, mental and social well-being alongside physical symptoms to truly understand how factors like stress, lifestyle and environment can contribute to overall health disparities and chronic pain amongst individuals and sheds light on the importance of looking at the whole person and their unique stress factors to better address chronic pain and reduce health disparities.

Congratulations to all involved!