Area Amount
Geriatric Pain Medicine $600,000
Oral Pain Programs $600,000
Cancer Pain Management $600,000
Visceral Pain Syndromes $600,000
Musculoskeletal Pain $600,000
Trauma-Induced Pain $600,000
Pain Prevention/Education Programs $600,000
Impact of Pain on Quality of Life $600,000
Disease-Driven Pain Conditions $600,000
Psychosocial Aspects of Pain $600,000
Creating an environment for research
Area Amount
Naming the Center $5 million
Endowing the Director’s Chair $2 million
Recruiting and training the next generation of pain researchers and clinicians
Area Amount
Endowed fellowship in support of an outstanding graduate student $350,000
Endowed scholarship program in undergraduate pain studies $100,000
Endowed lecture series $100,000