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Drs. Johnson and Booker New Publication

Congrats to Drs. Alisa Johnson and Star Booker on their new publication. Read more about the importance of prevention, restoration, rehabilitation, and palliation in pain management.…

Dr. Yenisel Cruz-Almeida Promoted

Congratulation to PRICE Associate Director Dr. Yenisel Cruz-Almeida who was recently promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure at the University of Florida. We are so proud of you!!…

Drs. Fullwood and Terry New Publication

Congratulations to Dr. Fullwood and Dr. Terry for their publication in the Journal of Pain. The cross-sectional study investigates whether pain catastrophizing mediates the relationship between ethnicity/race and pain, disability, and physical function in individuals with knee osteoarthritis. These results point to the need for interventions that target…

Dr. Steve Pratscher New Publication

Congrats Steve Pratscher on his recent publication “Optimizing Chronic Pain Treatment with Enhanced Neuroplastic Responsiveness: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial” in Nutrients! Pilot studies test the feasibility and acceptability of study procedures before committing to a much larger, in-depth randomized controlled trial (RCT). This pilot, conducted under Dr.