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PRICE of Pain Podcast is here! Join Dr. Joshua Crow as he hosts researchers, clinicians, and industry professionals to discuss recent breakthroughs in pain science and how they’re being applied across a multitude of fields. Whether you’re a science nerd, current researcher, or just looking for an educational (and maybe even entertaining!) way to pass the time.


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Season’s greetings and a heartfelt “thank you!” to all who have supported the PRICE of Pain Podcast along the way. We’ll be back January 12th! Meanwhile, may your holidays be safe and joyful!

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Previous episodes

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Ep. 12 Dr. Steven Pratscher

Dr. Steven Pratscher discusses how his personal experience with chronic pain led him to pain research, how breathing techniques can be used to improve well-being and about his collaborations with researchers across the country to better understand the therapeutic effects of psilocybin.


PRICe of pain podcast

Ep. 11- Dr. Stephen Coombes

Dr. Coombes is associate professor at UF’s College of Health and Human Performance and is one of two principal investigators at the Laboratory for Rehabilitation Neuroscience.



Ep. 10 – Dr. Monika Patel

Dr. Patel is assistant professor in the division of Pain management at UF Health Jacksonville, Department of Anesthesiology. In addition to treating patients dealing with various types of pain, Dr. Patel researches pain treatment and strategies to improve accessibility to treatments. We discuss the rewards and challenges of working with patients and the barriers some of them face in accessing certain treatments.

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Ep. 9 – Dr. Emily Bartley

Dr. Bartley is a clinical psychologist, Assistant Professor at the University of Florida, College of Dentistry, and Director Of Communication And Outreach right here at PRICE. We discuss her desire to be an advocate for people with chronic pain, how she came to shift her research focus from risk and vulnerability to resilience and more!

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price of pain podcast

Ep. 8 – Dr. Chris McCurdy

Dr. Chris McCurdy wears many hats, among them are that of medicinal chemist, behavioral pharmacologist and pharmacist. Our conversation touches on his current research on sigma receptors and how they might be useful in blocking chronic pain signaling, merging his mom’s and dad’s career paths to create his own and how opioid addiction develops. Be sure to check this one out as we’ll be having Dr. McCurdy back later in the year to discuss one of his other areas of expertise: kratom research.

mccurdy podcast

price of pain podcast

Ep. 7 – Dr. Jennifer Nichols

Jennifer Nichols, Ph.D is an Assistant Professor, biomedical engineer, and director of the UF Musculoskeletal Biomechanics Lab. Her lab designs computer models that simulate human movement in order to measure functional differences between various conditions. Join the conversation as Dr. Nichols describes how this incredible technology can be wielded to predict surgical outcomes, compare the effectiveness of therapies, and better understand how pain affects movement.


PRICE of pain podcast

Ep. 6- Dr. Kyle Allen

Dr. Kyle Allen is the director of the Orthopedic Biomedical Engineering Laboratory at the University of Florida and an associate professor in the College of Engineering. We discuss his unlikely journey from economics student to biomedical engineer, and his work using rodents to develop new technologies that could translate into clinical research of movement and pain in humans.



Ep. 5 -Dr. Steve Anton

Behind the mask on this episode is Professor Steve Anton, Chief of the UF Institute on Aging’s Division of Clinical Research. We discuss behavioral and dietary interventions to restore healthy metabolic balance, reduce pain and inflammation, and promote healthy aging!



Ep. 4 -Dr. Paul Borsa

Associate Professor, Paul Borsa, PhD, ATC, FACSM, is the director of the Sports Medicine Research Lab at the UF College of Health and Human Performance. Hear about his journey from treating acute pain as an athletic trainer to his current research on therapeutic uses of cannabidiol (CBD) as we highlight the diverse research interests of PRICE’s affiliated faculty.



Ep. 3 -Dr. Star Booker

Star Booker, PhD, RN shares her work and insightful perspective on the responsibility of research to communicate their work to multiple audiences.



Ep. 2 – Dr. Yenisel Cruz-Almeida

Part 2 of our introduction to the Pain Research and Intervention Center of Excellence at the University of Florida centers on PRICE’s Director of Training and Career Development, Yenisel Cruz-Almeida, PhD, MSPH.



Ep. 1 – Dr. Roger Fillingim

As the first installment of a 4-part series introducing you to the University of Florida’s Pain Research and Intervention Center of Excellence (PRICE).