Future Presentations:

  • On September 27th, Dr. Fillingim will be delivering a Plenary Session at the 16th World Congress on Pain in Yokohama, Japan.  Dr. Fillingim’s talk is entitled Individual Differences in Pain: Understanding the Mosaic that Makes Pain Personal.


Previous Presentations:

  • Dr. Fillingim delivered a presentation at PainWeek on September 9, 2016 as part of the American Pain Society Track.  The presentation was entitled The Brain or the Body: What is the Target for Pain Treatment.”  Ribeiro Dasilvia, M, (2015, June). The Role of Estrogen and Testosterone in Elderly Pain Predisposition. Seminar presented at the PRICE Topical Meeting, Gainesville, Florida.
  • On May 13th, Dr. Bartley presented a symposium at the 35th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Pain Society in Austin, Texas. Dr. Bartley’s talk was entitled Enhancing resilience in chronic pain: Exploring factors and interventions that promote resilient functioning.