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Entry DateMarch 3, 2021
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NameMegan McVay
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2. Tell us about your current program of research and/or activities and projects that you are currently involved in.

My main area of research is on interventions for adults with obesity. An exciting project that just started focuses on helping adults who have chronic low back pain lose weight, while also learning to better manage their back pain. This project is a collaboration with another PRICE member, Dr. Emily Bartley.

4. Where do you see your career going in the future? What are your goals and aspirations?

In the future, I hope to develop approaches to addressing barriers to access and engagement in treatment for obesity and pain, such as through use of remote delivery formats and new technologies. Related to that, I've become more interested in exploring and harnessing the power of online social communities focused on health conditions to help people better manage their health.

5. Tell us something fun that you do in your spare time or any hobbies that you enjoy.

Swimming in the community pool on a hot summer day is one of my newer favorite things. I also love to explore new-to-me towns and neighborhoods, and look forward to more exploration in the future. Spending time with my husband and children (3 and 5) is my greatest joy.

3. Tell us about how you got involved in pain and/or aging research. Was there a moment that inspired you?

Despite having a primary focus on obesity, I was fortunate to conduct cognitive behavioral therapy with individuals with chronic pain while on my psychology internship at Duke. Working with people as they found new ways to thrive despite their pain was really inspiring. I'm very excited that my latest project allows us to address pain and weight at the same time.

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