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Entry DateMarch 10, 2021
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NameJuan Hincapie-Castillo
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2. Tell us about your current program of research and/or activities and projects that you are currently involved in.

My research interests include the drug utilization and safety in pain, the evaluation of the effects of policies on patient health outcomes (legal epidemiology), and the assessment of patient safety and quality improvement for pain management. I am currently working on understanding how the several policies that have been implemented to mitigate the opioid crisis in the United States have led to adverse consequences to patients living with pain. Some of my current studies include a comprehensive policy evaluation of laws limiting the supply of opioid medications and an assessment of treatment patterns in trigeminal neuralgia in older adults.

4. Where do you see your career going in the future? What are your goals and aspirations?

I am a strong advocate for evidence-based policy-making and I look forward to use my research to continue generating the evidence needed to inform the implementation laws and regulations that protect patients with pain. I want to continue advocating for patients experiencing pain and be a voice of support to those communities. I also aspire to continue working in mentoring trainees at all levels to conduct health services research with real impact on patient care.

6. If you would like us to tag you on Facebook, please provide your Facebook link or handle:Twitter handle @DrJuanHC
5. Tell us something fun that you do in your spare time or any hobbies that you enjoy.

I enjoy competing in ultramarathons (races longer than 26.2 miles) and doing some indoor rock climbing. I like to read all kinds of books and you can find me reading at least three books at a time.

3. Tell us about how you got involved in pain and/or aging research. Was there a moment that inspired you?

Pain is one of the very few universal experiences that all humans have encountered at one point in their lives. Despite this universality, early in my pharmacy clinical training I realized that proper pain management for patients in our society was far from optimal. I decided to dedicate my career to understanding how to best optimize care for pain patients and advocate for the rational and sensible implementation of health policies that prevent harm to those in need of pain relief.