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This Week At PRICE

New articles on endometriosis and food insecurity. Affiliates at PRICE receive awards!

This Week At PRICE

Commentary on Research Concerning Pain at Rest vs Movement-Evoked Pain

This Week At PRICE (June 12th to June 16th)

Newly Published Article on Gait & Posture How does chronic pain effect spatiotemporal gait? Dr. Yenisel Cruz-Almeida, alongside members of both her lab, as well as UF faculty, sought to answer the question: “Which pain outcome measures are associated with spatiotemporal gait performance in older adults…

This Week At PRICE (May 22nd to May 26th)

Editorial on Critical Discovery Critical discovery uniquely, judiciously, and analytically examines cultural and structural mechanisms of pain inequities, centers the perspectives of people with lived experiences with chronic pain, applies the intersectionality framework in real-time or “realistically”, and develops innovative methodologies to interrogate the impact of social…

New Publication in Pain Disparities

Congratulations to Star Booker on their recent article, ‘A historical review of pain disparities research: Advancing toward health equity and empowerment’ published in Nursing Outlook. Booker, alongside researchers across the globe, reviewed over 30 years of data to examine…