Data Blitz 2023

At the 2023 Data Blitz, presenters from the department of epidemiology, biomedical engineering, human nutrition and neuroscience, showcased exciting breakthroughs in research related to pain and invited insight, discussion and collaboration into new technology and ideas being incorporated into the field! We’d like to thank everyone who helped to make this year’s event a success and look forward to what will come of the ideas presented today!


Zhiyong Cheng, Assistant Professor in Human Nutrition, showcased their lab’s research into the missing link between obesity and chronic pain. What followed was a lively discussion concerning physical activity, glucose and the factors that lead to heightened pain sensitivity.


Yan Wang showcased the SMILE project and a focus on creating a blood test that objectively measures medical cannabis prescriptions as well as a recent U1 grant aimed towards researching the link between cannabis and breast cancer treatment. Dr. Wang discussed at length the possible hurdles faced in cannabis usage for pain treatment as well as new and emerging opportunities for cannabis as an alternative means towards pain management.

Those interested in learning more about the SMILE study can follow this link!


Robert Caudle, who researches the mechanisms of pain transmission and molecular changes within the peripheral and central nervous systems that lead to chronic pain, discussed TRPM8, a protein that senses and reacts to cool temperatures and the study of oxaliplatin on ganglion neurons, as well as the study of cold and warm temperatures dependent on sex that stemmed from it.


Kyle Allen presented RE-JOIN, a multi-university collaborative project based on studying the relationship between TMJ and knee osteoarthritis. Dr. Allen highlighted the project’s use of 3d mapping on joints and nerves and showcased the projects work in whole joint imaging as well as the newest breakthroughs happening within the field of computational pathology.