Research Resources

The PRICE Center, Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) and the Office of Clinical Research (OCR) has a variety of resources to make your research a success.

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Research Billing and Regulatory



The UF Office of Clinical Research (OCR) Coverage Analysis and Budget (CAB) team is available to help research teams develop and/or negotiate clinical research budgets.



The UF Office of Clinical Research (OCR) Contracting team represents the University of Florida in the preparation, negotiation, and activation of all sponsored agreements under the purview of the OCR (with a specific focus on federal and industry funded clinical research contracts).


Regulatory Assistance

The CTSI Service Center provides a range of services that help research teams navigate the UF research landscape and the regulatory and compliance environment.


OCR Services

The Office of Clinical Research (OCR) is responsible for reviewing all UF Human Subjects Research projects.

Quick Links to Regulatory Services

The University of Florida Institution Review Board (myIRB)
Office of Clinical Research (OCR) Intake Form
Clinical Research Center (CRC) Intake Form

Study Design, Analysis and Data Management


Data Management

The CTSI’s Biomedical Informatics Program, Integrated Data Repository and CTS-IT teams provide resources and expertise to assist investigators with translational research data, informatics and software development needs.

Quick Links to Data Management

REDCap database
XNAT database

Conducting A Study


Conducting A Study

If an investigator would like to include some pain testing, but does not have the staff or facilities to do this, PRICE can be the “one-stop pain shop”.

Other Resources


Post-Doctoral Affairs

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs serves the postdoctoral community by orienting and connecting postdocs to resources to support their professional development and well being, while working to enhance the visibility of postdoctoral contributions to UF’s research mission.