Journal Club Meeting April 28, 2015

Time: 11:30am – 1:00pm

Location: Dental Sciences Building, Room D7-11


The term “epigenetics” was originally coined to describe a conceptual solution to a phenomenon that arises as a fundamental consideration of developmental biology (Waddington, 1942). Some years later the field of epigenetics came to be known as the branch of biology that studies the causal interactions between genes and their products which bring the phenotype into being (Waddington, 1968). As we narrow the scope of this definition to the field of pain we see that there are those who believe that epigenetic mechanisms play a significant role in the expression of chronic pain conditions. Central to this discussion is the covalent modification of DNA by methylation which is critical in the regulation of gene expression. The fact that DNA methylation has been demonstrated in the spinal cord following nerve injury and in patients with back pain provide examples of changes in DNA methylation in response to two different external exposures that are associated with pain. The field of epigenetic mechanisms in chronic pain is an emerging field that raises lots of interesting possibilities for discussion. Join us for what should be an enthusiastic discussion that will be led by Dr. Corey Simon.

I want to remind everyone that pain journal club is a great educational opportunity that provides something for all who attend. I encourage all students, trainees and faculty to attend and present papers in their area of interest. I guarantee you that no matter what the topic there will always be an interesting discussion.

Please circulate to those you think might be interested in this topic!!

Hope to see everyone next week!!

Descalzi_TN_15_Epigenetic mechanisms of chronic pain


Stone_Pain_13_The emerging field of pain epigenetics