The University of Florida Center for Advancing Minority Pain & Aging Science ( UF CAMPAS) is one of the 18 centers under the National Institute on Aging Resource Centers for Minority Aging Research (RCMAR). We aim to enhance the diversity of the aging research workforce by recruiting and training promising investigators from underrepresented backgrounds and supporting their mentored experiences conducting innovative social and behavioral research addressing pain and disability among older adults. The UF CAMPAS leverages multiple institutional strengths and resources and represents a partnership between the UF Pain Research & Intervention Center of Excellence (PRICE) and the UF Institute on Aging (IOA). Our Core Faculty comprises of a multidisciplinary group of talented and productive scientists whose expertise spans the spectrum of clinical and translational research related to our theme of biopsychosocial contributions to pain and disability among older adults.

Our goal

  1. Promote diversity of the aging research workforce by identifying, supporting, and mentoring promising investigators from underrepresented backgrounds
  2. Enhance the health of older populations by conducting state-of-the-art interdisciplinary research investigating social and behavioral contributions to pain and disability in later life.

These aims are accomplished through the synergetic efforts of four cores:

AC Core

Administrative Core

Provides intellectual leadership and programmatic oversight to the center. The AC assumes responsibility for implementing all aspects of the UF CAMPAS program and for coordinating activities and promoting cohesion and synergy across the other Cores.


Research Education Component

Establish an innovative research training and mentoring program designed to promote the career development of promising early career investigators from underrepresented backgrounds. The REC administers all of our pilot funding and provide montlhy Research Education Series Seminars

AnC Core

Analysis Core

Supports all research activities in the planning, implementation, and analytical phases. The AnC supports all pilot projects through development and implementation of appropriate analytical strategies and mentoring of UF CAMPAS Scientists related to statistical knowledge and skills.


Community Liaison & Recruitment Core

Provides support for UF CAMPAS Scientists by assisting them with recruitment of diverse samples into their research protocols. The CLRC also promotes community engagement, ensuring that the UF CAMPAS’ goals and processes are aligned with community needs.

Once an RCMAR Scientist, always an RCMAR scientist!

Meet our RCMAR Scientist

Year Name Current Position Department University/College Pilot Title
2018-2019 Staja “Star” Booker, PhD, RN Assistant Professor Biobehavioral Nursing Science UF College of Nursing Modeling OstePilotoarthritis and Validating Evoked-Pain (MOVE) in Ethnically Diverse Older Adults
2018-2019 Ellen Terry, PhD Assistant Professor Biobehavioral Nursing Science UF College of Nursing Contribution of Pain Catastrophizing to Race Group Differences in Pain and Pain-Related Brain Responses in Older Adults with Knee OA.
2018-2019 Henry Young II, M.D., FACEP Asst. Residency Prg.Director & Clinical Asst.Professor Emergency Department UF College of Medicine Are Geriatric Patients Willing to Accept Alternatives to Opioids in the Emergency Department for the Treatment of Pain?
2019-2020 Keesha Roach, PhD, RN Research Assistant Professor Biobehavioral Nursing Science UF College of Nursing Exploring let-7, OPOIDS, and Quality of life in Sickle Cell Disease Younger and Older Adults
2019-2020 Pedro Valdes-Hernandez, PhD Postdoctoral Fellow Community Dentistry & Behavioral Science UF College of Dentistry Neurologic Signatures of Pain in Older Adults with and without Chronic Pain
2019-2020 Dottington Fullwood, PhD Postdoctoral Associate Aging Clinical Research UF-COM-Institute on Aging Ecologically Assessed Movement Evoked Pain and Manifestations of Mobility Limitations Among Older Adults

UF CAMPAS Funding Opportunities

Pilot RFA & Application 2021

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